Every office looks for ways to save money on day-to-day operations, whether it includes using less paper or switching to eco-friendly office supplies. Even with newer broadband power dividers, saving money on energy has become one major way companies cut their expenses. If you are looking for ways to decrease your energy costs, then there may be some things listed below that you have overlooked.

Turn the Lights Off

This may sound obvious, but surveys show that many people forget to turn the lights off when they are leaving a room. If your employees are held accountable for turning lights on and off, there is room for error and sometimes lights may be left on. Consider motion-activated lighting or set your lighting system on a timer.

Upgrade the Lights

Older incandescent lights are not used as often due to the energy-saving qualities of LED and IUD light bulbs. Upgrade your bulbs and consider replacing older lighting fixtures that may use more power than you expect. Don’t forget about exit signs, as these can use a lot of energy.

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Make Use of Power Management Settings

Use the settings on your system to manage the power your office uses. Screensavers are a waste of power – instead shut down computers or put them into hibernation mode. Office equipment should be off when it is not in use to save the maximum amount when it comes to your energy costs.

You can find several more ways to save on electricity by taking a look around your office. If you notice things that could make your bills go down, try to find solutions. Even simply managing the thermostat could decrease your costs significantly. Your business could see greatly reduced energy use, leading to cleaner operations and less waste in the office.